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K9 partners help our officers stay safe, work faster and proactively prevent threats to our community


The structure of a dog’s nose gives it a sense of smell that is 300,000-500,000 times stronger than the human nose, allowing them to follow a scent trail undetectable to humans. You may smell the chicken soup cooking. They can tell you every ingredient the chef used.

ABOUT THE K9 Program

With the approval of the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors, the members of the Newtown Township Police Association are proud to reintroduce the K9 program to the Newtown Township Police Department.

Our Township has grown at a fast pace and will continue to grow in years to come. The safety of the residents, businesses, and visitors of Newtown Township is the Police Department’s number one priority. Unfortunately, criminal activity occurs on a daily basis in our country. The Newtown Township Police Department’s K9 explosive detection and tracking dog (including search and rescue missions) will be utilized to protect our residents, visitors, schools, business both large and small, and our world-class golf course.

The K9 would also be cross-trained to track missing and endangered persons and would be available to track all persons who engage in criminal activity.

The final and most important purpose of the K9 would be to continue our strong police and community relationship. Proactive public relations such as extensive school checks, foot patrols, and weekly business sweeps with my K9 partner will ensure that the relationship between the police and community is one built on connection, trust, and openness.

The Newtown Township Police Department is an internationally recognized accredited Law Enforcement agency (CALEA) and one of only a few in Pennsylvania. The members of the Police Department know that with the addition of the K9 program, it will enhance our ability to protect Newtown Township.

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